Equipment Dispatch


Dry Van Trailer

A semi-trailer that's fully enclosed to protect shipments from outside elements. Designed to carry palletized, boxed or loose freight, dry vans aren't temperature-controlled (unlike refrigerated “reefer” units) and can't carry oversized shipments (unlike flatbed trailers).


Reefer Trailer

A refrigerator truck or chiller lorry is a van or truck designed to carry perishable freight at low temperatures. Most long-distance refrigerated transport by truck is done in articulated trucks pulling refrigerated semi-trailers.


What to Expect from Our Truck Dispatch Services

Here at Efikas Logistics, we are proud to be the truck dispatcher company you can rely on. Your trucking business needs to be supported by the right truck driver dispatcher services. This is where Efikas Logistics can make all of the difference.

Based out of Bayonne, New Jersey, we provide these services to trucking operators across the country. Meaning you can continue providing your critical trucking services, supporting both society and the economy by driving.

Get in touch with us by email or by telephone to get loads. Our team is on hand to provide you the quote you need for your business, and to help you learn more about working with Efikas Logistics. Supporting your trucking operation is our passion.

We help you find the best possible cargo for you. ANYTIME ANYWHERE in the US

  • Load Dispatching

  • Route Planning

Our office worker keeps track of every load that has been transported by your company from the start to the end.

  • Billing 

  • Document Management

  • Paperwork

We handle all your business calls now to get more information.

  • Rate Negotiation

  • Credit Checks